Daan Rijpkema

I am someone who loves building/developing cool things together that make people happy.

I create convenience and happiness by technology

  • I get joy from designing up and developing solutions that help people.
  • I have been building SaaS service Codex for automation in administration for more than 70 organisations for eight years. They save dozens of hours every week.


  • I am part of the young and talented Lyrisch collective in Utrecht. Together we make all kinds of online solutions, websites and animations.

    Lyrisch Collective

  • I am a freelance full-stack developer. I build solutions to facilitate a myriad of projects, for example online payment and identification for Bluem.

    Bluem GitHub

I prefer to be continuously creative

  • I am an active DJ under the moniker Djenga


  • I am a budding producer that fuses groove, ethnic elements and the energy of electronic music.
  • I am active as a volunteer and artist at the Birdcage Radio DJ Collective and the local internet radio station Stranded FM.

    Birdcage Radio Stranded.fm

  • I completed a BSc in Computer Science and am completing a MSc in Artificial Intelligence. I will finish the MSc in the future, as soon I have the space for it.

I look for challenges everywhere

  • I try to make my life a little more valuable every day, to myself and to others.
  • I am the initiator of Nada, an initiative to help young people de-stigmatise.


  • I act as a coach, jury or advisor with my network of (student) entrepreneurs and boards.
  • I am training step-by-step for a full Iron Man triathlon in 2023.


  • I work voluntarily as bartender and DJ in Poppodium EKKO in Utrecht.